Jacob Rees-Mogg MP supports Bristol children’s charity Clover House

Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset, recently showed his support for Bristol charity Clover House which has developed a drug-free cure for the trauma of bullying.The cure, which has been developed over 20 years, has produced a proven success rate of 75%. It combines Neuro-Lingustic Programming counselling with aromatherapy massage and nutritional advice for children.

Clover House treats children and adolescents from aged two upwards, and offers treatment and support for any physical, emotional or behavioural problem or condition, from ADHD, constipation, and asthma to bullying, depression and aggressive behaviour.

Speaking at his recent visit to Clover House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP, said: “With bullying both online and in schools such a serious social ill the effects of which disrupts families and can leave lifetime scars on the victims, effective treatment is needed.

“Sadly, those suffering sustained bullying are four times more likely to develop a mental illness, that is why I am so glad to support the good work that Clover House is doing to help these young people lead a happier life.”

He added: “That is why it is sensible to do what we can to support those who look after the victims of bullying and so I am delighted to support Clover House which has developed such an effective approach to deal with its ill effects.”

Jill Gill, founder of Clover House, stated: “We’ve provided treatment since 1996 and have witnessed how these kinds of problems manifest in children. In a sample size of 16 bullied children between the ages of nine – 15, we witnessed emotional instability, stomach pains, anxiety, clinginess, school phobia, rages, bed-wetting and even shouting out during sleep and head-banging.

“Children always benefit from improvements in diet, particularly replacing fizzy drinks with water and eating protein, which will help their blood sugar levels, boosting emotional stability, which in turn should make their difficult experiences more tolerable.”

Clover House was established in 1996 by co-founders Basil Jones and Gillian Gill to relieve sickness and suffering of children and young people through the provision of complementary care, and then publish the results widely. Clover House is completely dependent on the voluntary sector and charitable trusts for its survival.

To find out more about Clover House, visit cloverhouse.org