Plans for 199 new homes between Appledore and Northam withdrawn – locals celebrate

By NDJJoe  |  Posted: January 23, 2017

"We need houses but opposite the shipyard is not the place for them."


CAMPAIGNERS in Northam are celebrating this week after plans for 199 new homes were withdrawn by the developer and “common sense prevailed”.

The homes were slated for land off Wooda Road, between Northam and Appledore.

Torridge District Council received an application from Keith Curtis at RGP Architects Ltd to build 199 houses on land adjacent to Wooda Road in September last year.

Locals formed an action group, No To Wooda Road Development, to protect what they say is the only green border between the two villages.


Locals give a thumbs up to the decision to withdraw the plans.A similar application was rejected several years ago.

Chairman of Appledore Residents Association Jackie Avary said: “I’m over the moon at this decision and so are our members.

“However we will keep a close eye on the situation.”

Locals also complained they received official notification from the council too late and were shocked to only be given a couple of weeks to object.

One of the main objections was a lack of suitable highway infrastructure and the environmental impact the development could have, including sewage and surface water attenuation.

Another concern was the added traffic on the area’s roads could lead to more pressure on key parts of the local highway network, at Heywood Road Roundabout for example.

Northam Town Council was consulted on the plans and recommended refusal.

The council pointed out the development would be “over-intensive” and said it was concerned about flooding, drainage and water run-off.

It was a big thumbs down at the end of last year.Appledore councillor Kenny Davis said: “Thank goodness common sense prevailed.

“It’s a good outcome for the people of Appledore and Northam and Babcocks shipyard which is opposite the proposed site and would be under threat if the development went ahead due to difficulties running the night shift.”

Mr Davis’ views were echoed by Terry Bailey, the chairman of Appledore community group Appledore Pirates, who said: “I’m delighted at the news.

“We need houses but opposite the shipyard is not the place for them.”