Mother praises ‘inspirational’ charity Clover House after it banishes daughter’s phobia

Parent’s anguish subsided as child showed new found confidence after alternative therapy success

BRISTOL – The mother of a nine year old girl spoke of the distress of watching her daughter’s weight plummet due to the sudden onset of an alarming eating disorder after she choked on some food whilst the family were on holiday.

At the time the child was only six years old so the weight loss was horrifying because she eventually lost half a stone.

Whilst the girl, Eva Bond, became thinner over the weeks, mother Rebecca spent three tortured months searching for remedies far and wide, both in and out of the NHS.

At one point Eva said she wasn’t sure if she’d ever get better because at meal times she could only think about choking.

As any parent can imagine this sent shock waves of worry through the whole family and resulted in sleepless nights all round. Eva’s self esteem was also waning markedly.

A friend suggested a local charity specialising in a combination of alternative therapies called Clover House where Rebecca took Eva as soon as she could.

As Rebecca says: “Eva and I had a great experience at Clover House. Eva was welcomed with open arms by Jill Gill and her team, who immediately calmed us all down.

After just one visit Eva already showed signs of recovery. She had 3 visits in total. After each therapy session her confidence increased and her eating habits improved by the day.

She loved her visits there which she also saw as a bit of ‘me time’, which was great to see. It was definitely a success story for Eva and I would recommend it to anyone whose child is experiencing a situation that needs help and some TLC.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Eva Bond, Rebecca Bond
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Eva Bond, Rebecca Bond

Eva recently demonstrated her new found confidence when Clover House was visited by the MP Jacob Rees-Mogg who praised Eva and Clover House whilst posing for photographs and chatting with Eva and Rebecca along with Jill Gill and the Clover House team.