London Fitness Guru Goes Mobile

Dinesh Patel
Dinesh Patel – Fitness Guru

CAMBERWELL, LONDON February 28, 2015 – Dinesh Patel has spent years pioneering his own techniques in weight loss, fat removal and strength training whilst gaining a vast knowledge of biomechanics.

His services start from a confidence building level and often aid his clients in regaining full self-esteem through a tailor made exercise routine, frequently combined with a corrected diet.

He said, “As a Personal trainer in Central London, I have had the opportunity to work with a hugely diverse array of people from muscle gainers, weight losers, and professional athletes, to bad posture holders, dancers and models.”

This is a far cry from his wake-up call moment when he sat in a London Park clutching a can of beer and contemplating his future. He was overweight and life seemed hopeless. The drink was no addiction but a symptom of despair.

Deep down he knew he could do better with his life and decided that he alone could change it for the better and set out to.

Soon after Dinesh decided his future involved physical fitness and well-being.

He financed his own training through sheer hard work and persistence. “It was gruelling”, is all he would say about that period in his life, a time of intense transformation.

Not too long after this time he had become a certified personal trainer and registered exercise professional.

Now he has 20 years of knowledge, guarantees goals and provides a mobile service using all his own equipment in any location. He has full public liability insurance, very competitive rates and provides discounts for block bookings.

Contact Dinesh: 07935 540 906