My TV bookings: Jamie Anderson on BBC Breakfast – Firestorm Interview

Firestorm Interview 1 & 2 – Jamie Anderson BBC Breakfast 2/11/14

I booked Jamie onto the BBC’s Sunday morning “Breakfast” show. His official PR then negotiated further appearances that day. His crowdfunding campaign, which had only hours to run on that Sunday morning, then doubled what it had taken up until his appearance. The campaign was to raise funds for Firestorm, an Anderson Entertainment project.

When I was called in due to my own crowdfunding and social networking knowledge by his official PR Henry Gewanter of Positive Profile, his campaign had raised approx £49,000.

When we were done and after placing Jamie on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live and several other radio and news interviews the same day, with a total audience of 7,000,000 viewers and listeners, Jamie’s campaign  had raised £88,931 by the end of that day and the close of his campaign.

The Anderson Entertainment site is here

Original Kickstarter Firestorm video