Clover House charity trustees struggle to secure funding

The Bristol-based children’s charity Clover House is threatened with closure this September if the trustees cannot find immediate funding.
The co-founders, Jill Gill and Basil Jones, are now promoting their charity in the hope that they can secure emergency funding or a merger with, or takeover by, another charity.Clover House focuses on providing successful drug-free cures for treating children from the age of five up to adolescence. However, since the charity’s funding was cut, the charity will close in September unless further funding is received.Founder Jill Gill said: “Clover House is the only charity with a drug-free cure and consistent 75% success rate. The trustees have come to a difficult decision, which I understand, but having spent 20 years developing this successful therapy, and with so many traumatised children desperately needing help, we’re considering all options to ensure our services remain available.“We would, ideally, prefer Clover House to continue, but are willing to share the secrets of our success with any charity that will consider adopting our techniques. For a stand-alone ‘therapy centre’, a receptionist and therapy rooms are all that would be required and we’re hoping a national charity involved with children or mental health will consider our methods. We have a full training programme ready to go to assure the correct delivery of the programme.”

Jill Gill added: “Conditions Clover House has treated range from the confidence-shattering effects of bullying through to food phobias and asthma to coeliac disease to eczema. But without funding or an organisational takeover all our hard work and our record will vanish. But worse, still, so many desperate and traumatised children that could have been helped will be left in the lurch.”

Clover House was established in 1996 to “relieve sickness and suffering of children and young people through the provision of complementary care, and then publish the results widely”.

Charities or organisations interested in adopting Clover house’s methods should contact Jill Gill on 01225 344047 or

To contribute to the Save Clover House Appeal, visit: