Plans for 199 new homes in Northam withdrawn

Developers have withdrawn controversial plans for 199 new homes in Northam after hundreds of objections were raised.

Fiercely opposed plans for 199 new homes in Northam have been withdrawn, to the delight of campaigners.

The proposals were submitted to Torridge District Council (TDC) in November for the green land bordering Appledore and Northam off Wooda Road.

But it is understood this week applicants withdrew their plans, before a decision was made by the district council.

Devon County Council raised concerns over the site, saying it was not identified in the Local Plan.

Joe Keech, chief planner at DCC, questioned the ‘overall sustainability’ of the proposals.

He said the council also said the travel assessment submitted with the application was ‘wholly inadequate’.

“The existing access to the site on Wooda Road is not suitable for access to any amount of residential development, being an extremely steep 1:8 gradient according to the submitted plans,” he said.

Mr Keech added there was not sufficient land within the applicant’s control to reduce the gradient to a sufficient level.

Appledore Residents Association also objected strongly to plans, and said it was worried noise from the shipyard could jeopardise its future if homeowners complained.

Chairman Jackie Avery said she was ‘over the moon’ about the withdrawal of the ‘awful’ 199 new homes.

Northam Town Council recommended refusal of the proposals, saying it was an over-intensive plan in the open countryside, with worries over drainage.

A ‘NO To Wooda Rd Development’ Facebook group has gained more than 750 members since the plans were lodged.

Residents near the site raised concerns about the lack of suitable highway infrastructure, impact on the environment and drainage water.